Binance to trust wallet ftm transfer not received

Hi all , i am new in crypto world
I tried to transfer ftm from binance to trust wallet(13/11/2021) but its not showing in trust wallet

Transaction hash : 0xfb4bbf3968ed26ffb10a3a5143f64fc16d620969c72f5f39e18ed224c440a243

Tx id : 0xfb4bbf3968ed26ffb10a3a5143f64fc16d620969c72f5f39e18ed224c440a243

Address : 0x8De8EbD828Cc2613D85cE6De83877fe3CC0758CD

Hello @Kottakkal786
You need to add your FTM manually as a custom token using these details
Network: Smartchain
Contract: 0xad29abb318791d579433d831ed122afeaf29dcfe
Decimals: 18

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Thanks , i received the ftm to mu trust wallet.
Thanks for the support