Bitcoin balance not showing on trust wallet

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This is it please

I see nothing wrong , you sent 0.0009BTC out today , there is not pending transaction too . what’s wrong excatly ? can you provide some link to your last transaction ? ( the missing transaction ) .

I can’t find any transactions about the missing crypto
If you check my transactions you can see I am to have enough funds in my trust wallet bitcoin

I can’t check your transaction , i don’t own your wallet , i can’t control your wallet .

You said you can’t see your bitcoin since 2 days but what bitcoin ? how much bitcoin ? when was your last transaction ? how much ? from where to where ?

I received $800 plus
My last transaction was on Friday $100
Since then I couldn’t access my bitcoins
I asked someone to send me $25 I confirmed it on my wallet and I sent it back him back
But I don’t know why mine isn’t showing

I don’t have the right to ask for your wallet address but what are you missing exactly ? 800$ 100$ 25$ ??? What is your Bitcoin Transaction Hash ??? You send you the money you are missing .

How do I check my transactions hash
I don’t seem to know how to get it

Almost $300 bitcoin is missing from my trust wallet app and it’s not even on the transaction history

So it’s not our fault , you should ask to the person or the exchange who sent you the 300 .

the money probably didn’t arrive or was never sent.

You don’t understand the $300 is supposed to be the remains from the $800
I only sent out $500 from it

Go to it’s a block explorer , it will help you to see what’s in your wallet

Type your Bitcoin address and you should see what is in your wallet .

I did it
But I didn’t send out some coins
I want to generate my bitcoin statements it’s not letting me

Type just your bitcoin address in the website and search for it . seriously i can’t help you at this point . there is no details nothing .

Please don’t open topic everytime you post a picture , i just saw your screenshot look like your wallet is empty i see nothing wrong . it’s just empty you checked on the blockchain it’s empty . I will close the topic .