Bitcoin BEP2 not showing

Hi. BTC BEP2 is not showing on my import screen. I am trying to reinstall my watch address balance after completing uninstall / reinstall. I was able to retrieve the BNB with the address but the Bep2 is not on the import screen. Where too next !

Hello, you would need to add it as a custom token. See guide below:

Yes ok thanks, the BEP2 has been retreived and is back in the read only address wallet. Back to square one really, even after uninstall / reinstall I was still unable to migrate the read only wallet to my main wallet. Something not right here ! Any other assistance would be appreciated

Please do the following:

  • Make sure you have the backup of your recovery phrase, private key, or keystore JSON

  • Uninstall the Trust Wallet app

  • Install the app again

  • Import using the backup (do not import an address, that will turn your wallet as a watch-only)

Hi. Pretty sure I followed these instructions last time and I reinstalled both my wallets with the recovery phrases. I need to ask this…does the read only address (wallet) meant to have its own recovery phrases as mine only comes up with the address when I hit the ( i )

Watch only address means you do not have access to the wallet therefore sending tokens would not work.
Please find the recovery keys for your wallet