Bitcoin Not Appearing After Reimporting Wallet

I just reimported my wallet but none of my bitcoin is appearing in my wallet. On the blockchain it still shows that my balance has the bitcoin but it isn’t showing anything through the Trust Wallet Application. I went through all the steps of “What to do when your coins don’t appear” and followed all the steps to reimport a wallet. I have all my funds except for my bitcoin I purchased last night but I had this morning.

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Same thing happening to me. It started with my BTC now it’s my safemoon. Every time I re-import things disappear. Down 1.9k now on app glitches. FIX THIS!!!


Transferred bitcoin to trust wallet, after 4 confirmations bitcoin is still not appearing in my wallet.


Same thing to me, there are my bitcoins in the blockchain but none in the app, please fix it


Literally same, first time using this app too. It’s been 3 hours so far but It says it’s been delivered. The address is even correct

My Bitcoins also not appearing. I have been waiting for over 2 hours now. Please fix asap

Same thing happened to me after restoring my wallet… my other coins were there but not bitcoin

I have the same situation, I reimported my wallet and the btc disappeared

Hello everyone! Please read the explanation here: Bought/Sent/Received BTC, balance/transaction is not reflecting properly - #36 by iamdeadlyz