Bought/Sent/Received BTC, balance/transaction is not reflecting properly

Same man transferred bitcoins, everything confirmed, no coins :confused: I just have no idea what to do at this point and really wish I wouldn’t have even used this platform.


Got the exact same issue. Been 16 hours now VERY frustrating. Missed out on big gains already.

Sent bitcoin and it has been confirmed on the other end for some time and still empty wallet.

Same. Transfer confirmed on Blockchain. It shows as pending on Trust Wallet. I’m losing trust in Trust Wallet.


They mentioned too many active users and no resources that why BTC balances not reflecting well. Is coin base down also ?

Hi I also didn’t receive bitcoins. I purchased $100 worth from buy moonpay dot com and put in the Bitcoin deliver address of trust wallet yet never receive the bitcoins in trust wallet and trasaction was confirmed ect I have the order I’d

Order ID


Sending to



You got

0.00208 BTC

Base cost


View fees




4/19/2021, 10:23:18 AM

Transaction verified

Transaction processed

Crypto delivered

4/19/2021, 2:08:25 PM

same issue with BTC
i sent BTC to my wallet but no coin received
TxID 6bc18ce24533e3743549fca2dc950ca0e6ed8adb8b8b0139a2483dfd2888654f
Wallet version iOS 5.21(5210)

I actually sent my BTC from CB to Binance then tried buying BNB to send over, didn’t work, moved on to sending BTC from Binance to Trust. Successfully confirmed, even tracked with blockchain explorer, no balance on Trust?

17 confirmations later, still no BTC in my TrustWallet. I confirmed all addresses are correct. And there is no official word from TrustWallet that they are even working on this technical issue on their end. At this point, if I don’t receive some sort of response to this, I will be telling my 400k+ subscribers on YouTube and Facebook/Twitter to move their funds off of TrustWallet. This is absolutely ridiculous.


Same here… I bought BTC from Coinbase and transferred it to my Trust Wallet. It’s been more than 2hrs and im not seeing my BTC in my Trust Wallet. Coinbase confirmed BTC sent…

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Bought Bitcoin on Coinbase and sent it to my Trust wallet, Blockchain said it’s been confirmed but there’s nothing in my Trust wallet. It’s been almost 3 hours. This is my first time using Trust, this is definitely frustrating

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Same problems, It about 3 hours still waiting :frowning: for the answer . Can anyone help us

same, by btc is not showing up despite having multiple confirmations and shown as delivered.

Same exact thing happening to me… sent btc from coinbase at 8pm… still nothing

I have transferred BTC from coinbase to Trust Wallet. The transaction has been confirmed in coinbase but in my wallet still says 0 balance. I have already sent support the regarding details.

where i should send my screenshoots??
where i should send my screenshoots??
where i should send my screenshoots??
where i should send my screenshoots??
where i should send my screenshoots??
where i should send my screenshoots??
where i should send my screenshoots??

Was my money just stolen? I sent to teh address, now it just shows it in the blockchain as unspent, but not in my wallet, wtf?

Exact issue as everyone else, received confirmation of purchase, still not in my wallet a couple of hours later. Reached out via Twitter, their response was basically, “Just wait. It will show up. It just takes a second.” Except it’s already been 2+ hours after receiving confirmation and it’s still not here. Poor form, Trust Wallet. Will definitely not be trusting you with any future transactions.

Hi everyone, per the dev team: All BTC nodes are currently down, working on getting them back up. Very heavy traffic going our way, building up infrastructure to support more users.

Let’s wait for them to fix this issue. You can double-check your BTC wallet on (enter/search your address). If your BTCs are already there, then good.

For those who bought from the third-party crypto providers, of withdrawn from exchanges and if it is not yet in your wallet, please read:
The third-party crypto providers like MoonPay, Simplex, etc. are taking time in distributing the bought cryptos due to the increased demand. It is best to contact them directly. Support ticket links can be checked here:

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