Bitcoin yet to be received

@David1124 At, you can submit a ticket to the Customer support team.


Tobi – No idea what you did but BTC was released and sent back to my wallet.

Wanted to thank you sooner but could not open your reply for a few days and with sell off not been to wallet for a few more. Thank you. (Or maybe you did nothing and return was coincidental with our exchange??)


@David1124 Oh I did nothing in that regards but glad you got your tokens.


Please I have not received bitcoin that has been sent to me since yesterday

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Someone sent bitcion to my bitcion wallet it have been approved on the blockchain but yet to reflect on my wallet balance
And I don’t know what is the issue

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@Tonmyamaxi What does the explorer say ?

@Wickxchnage If it’s confirmed as received on the explorer, try using the troubleshooting guide:

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I have try the whole guid rule and it didn’t work
This my transaction hash 77b97e050d3da28e597e79ca1dea4174c0df6f8d6f9dcec508a07f72aa3de4b0 please help me and resolve

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@Wickxchnage Please check your address on the explorer and see if your tokens are there. If they are, then the zero balance display in your wallet is just a visual glitch.
You can either wait or if you need your tokens urgently, then import your seed phrase to another wallet and access it there.

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Hello I coin reflected few days ago but I can’t send it out if I try send it out it shows error

@Wickxchnage What error is that ?

I want to send a screenshot but is saying (sorry I can’t embed a media on here )

@Wickxchnage You can type it out here.

Exception in http request: Error

Domain=NSURLErrorDomain Code=-1004

“Could not connect to the server.” UserInfo={_KCFStreamErrorCodeKey=61, NSUnderlyingError=0x2816661c0 {Error Domain=kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork

Code=-1004 "(null) "

UserInfo={_NSURLErrorNWPathKey=satisfied (Path is satisfied), interface: pdp_ipO[lte], ipv4, dns, expensive, estimated upload: 65536Bps, uses cell, _KCFStreamErrorCodeKey=61, kCFStreamErrorDomainKey=1}},

NSURLErrorFailingURLSessionTaskErrorKey=Lo calDataTask .<19>,


“LocalDataTask .<19>”

), NSLocalizedDescription=Could not connect

This what is saying

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@Wickxchnage What token are you trying to send out and on what chain ?