Bnb(bsc) deposit missing

Pls help me. I try to recover my fund as like as trust wallet help. They asked for update app. When i did it then receive address changes automatically. Before update receiving address was: 0xcf1bD189c4A5CA2Bf4f057f11d5d412A0AE25d1C (in this address i sent my bnb) Txid. Id: 0x7919a6667b69117b9f1e3bf2919b6bcdec473607a2684392586006024db93d1c . bnb Amount. 3.9995(After fee) but after update new receiving address is:0xba15F85287581d19Bd7d05e92d693D9a4B9C3597 but not showing my bnb balance. pls help me to get my balance. I need my money back pls

Please follow this guide to get the Private Key for the old BSC address: How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address

Use this custom derivation path m/44’/714’/0’/0. Afterward, import the Private Key as a Smart Chain Wallet.

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I tried but no result i have get yet. How can i get back my money pls trust walleft support help me