BNB money wont show up and no pending transactions

Hi I have the same issue I bought BNB however have not received it in my account can you help please? Have tried contacting support multiple times but no response? When I go into smart chain and into BNB they both have no pending transactions. however, I have a confirmation email of making this payment.
I am using version 5.21 (5210). And my BNB wallet bnb is 1r3j23lftke60rzae2ep9tgarsd6njsfnncwwjd. The email from Simplex states I will receive 0.06999627 BNB to 0x15a853581F5DCc97ACc3C74071BB59F90aA96C51 I was advised to get in touch with simplex which I did but didn’t get the opportunity to say because my post was locked for some reason so I could not reply to it. When I got in touch with Simplex they stated this would be done after 3 hours. It has been a lot longer than three hours and would like to know where my money is

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Am experiencing same issue with CoinSpot to trust wallet. Sent BNB from CoinSpot to trust wallet 12 hours ago and nothing is showing on my trust wallet and the transaction is completed on CoinSpot.

This happened to me. It showed up after about an hour. Remember, it has to be logged. There are many people trying to buy, and it’s taking some time to fill orders.

Same thing here but rather I swapped bnb to smart chain, now no bnb or smart chain and no way to check the history and status of the swap … WHERE DID MY BNB GO


Same here did you find your answer eventually?
Bnb to bnb 20 nothing showing on three transactions

I tried to swap bnb to smart chain and now it’s gone, with no prior transaction suggesting where it might have gone :((

I have confirmation from simplex but not trust wallet, been over 6 hours getting worried now.

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No never found the answer still no pending transaction from trust wallet even. If you figure it out please post it here??

Nope still waiting for my bnb to show up back in my wallet it’s been almost an hour now

Update: an hour later my bnb shows back up to my wallet, but not swapped to smart chain so now I have to do the swap again

Same issue. Both the BNB and the Smart Chain BNB are empty. The swap is not working. I haven’t received my BNB back and no transaction pending??? WOW… People say that after some time the money will be back, I will wait sometime…but it bothers to me that is like the money disappeared and no transaction pending reflecting the pending swap…

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Same issue here I have no bnb or smart chain with no transaction information

My BNB is back in my wallet, MINUS the fees. I want the fees to be refunded because the swap didn’t happen.

I bought BNB straight from simplex from trustwallet, funds were taken out from my account but never received confirmation nor the BNB. I cannot make my own forum post due to being on an iPhone so, if anyone could help me out, would be great

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I tried to do 2 swaps on bnb to Smart Chain, and I had the same issue. After an hour or so, the bnb was back in my wallet but they kept the fees. They never did the swap, but made me pay for it anyway. Not happy!

Did they charge you the fees? They charged me, but they didn’t do the swap.

I am having the same issue I bought bnb with simplex through TW and its been several hours and I haven’t gotten anything

Update I tried swapping again and my bnb disappeared AGAIN WTF, what is going on this is stupid

Okay now it keeps taking my fees and not swapping to BSC :angry: why is this a problem right now !!

Same problem here. i tried it 5 times allready. No transaction happening but the fees are paid.