BNB Staking Validator Decommissioned

Thanks. We’re a little worried )))

Here you go, pending delegates and as soon as I click on EITHER withdraw or unstake it comes up with the 7 days. My balance does show correctly on the main screen. I know they aren’t lost but its frustrating. Here’s hoping the update works. Thanks for replying though :+1:

Edit - can’t post the screenshot :man_shrugging:t2:

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I staked on trustwallwet through ARARAT. Now is over 8 days.
I’m so worry. Because i can’t unstake. It’s alway report “not available, current locktime is 7 days”

Thanks for your answer. We will waiting.
With TRON I have a similar Issue - it’s not decommissioned, but it’s under pending delegation. Normally the locking day is 3 days. But unstacking gives an error: …lock time 3 days. It was possible to reclaim the adwards and made a new staking period with the stake-button. But it’s not possible to unstake.

Don’t worry too much, as long as you have the correct balance showing - your funds are not lost. Simply stuck at the moment. Some code will need to be changed to allow to unstake. I think they are having similar problems on binance too. I’m sure the trust wallet team will sort it. It’s too big of an issue not to sort!!!

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The Redelegate option is now available for TestFlight version of Trust Wallet.
Will be released to the public by next week.
You can see it on the updated BNB Staking guide.

Thanks a lot bro!!! We do really appreciate ur job!

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will this also fix the 1BNB that is in pending state?

I managed to unstake 1 BNB but now is not in Available nor Staked status, it says Pending and has been like that for days now.

I choose “ARARAT” TO STAKE. AFTER 7 DAYS. I CAN UNSTAKE. IT’S APPEAR “NON AVAILABLE. CURREN LOCKTIMES is 7 days”. Is that mean after 14 days my BNB will turn my trustwallet?"

@zachzwei - but does this updated version allow people to unstake even though the 7 days has not lapsed - or does it not need to??.. ie redelegating will solve the issue?? Redelegating isn’t the issue here - allowing us to unlock our funds back IS the issue here

Hi, I’m also facing the same issue. My validator is pending decommission. I can’t unstake. Could you assist please?

The token that is unstaking will be available after the 7 day period.
The token that is on the inactive validator will remain staked there.
Please wait for the update that will address this issue.


If you already unstaked then you need to wait for 7 days, there is nothing we can do with that.
This new version will show inactive validators which will let you unstake or redelegate.

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I have compiled these question and answers about BNB Staking. Please read and understand.

1. I staked my BNB and the validator is Inactive. What can I do?

  • Wait for the new version that allows you to see the inactive validator, then you can either unstake or redelegate. It is now available on iOS. For Android, the update is still being tested. We appreciate your patience on the matter.

2. I unstaked my BNB, can I still redelegate?

  • You can only redelegate this token after the unstake period is over. Which is after 7 days.

3. I unstaked my BNB, it is not allowing me to transfer them?

  • Unstaking will take 7 days. You can transfer the tokens after 7 days.

4. I have been staking for 7+ days, I then unstaked my BNB but it is not transferrable?

  • Staking will lock your tokens. To unlock the tokens you need to manually start the unstaking process. You can transfer the tokens after 7 days.

5. Does the wallet take my BNB during staking?

  • *No, the wallet does not take anything, funds are SAFU.

You need to be aware of the Risks of Staking before you lock your tokens.*


Thanks a lot for information. Right on time. Have a good one!

@zachzwei That info will help a lot of people calm their fears… Thankyou for that :+1::+1:

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Same here.
My 1.1BNB already finished staking for 2 days (up to now) and I could not unstake.

Wow, I just joined now this community to seek help because I have exactly the same issue as is being described here. Reassuring to know I’m not alone but hoping something gets sorted out soon!

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Just have to wait for the update so i can redelegate.

But can someone provide me some information why some validators go inactive?

Than i know where I have to stake next time. To make sure that i don’t have to redelegate every couple off days.

Thanks in advance


I saw one time it was written that validator is in jail!