BNB to smart chain issues

After swapping my Bnb tokens to smart chain, the coins have simply disappeared and it’s been over an hour.

The only response I get from customer service is to be careful when I send my coins to another address, and they can’t get them back.

I didn’t send my coins to another address. It was just a swap within my own wallet.

Can someone please advise if it’s normal/possible to take this long?


Dont stress, they’ll pop back up. You can click the transaction where you received them, click the receiving wallet, address, then go to transactions on that page and you’ll see it pending.

My assumption is that the server is completely overloaded with a surge of people trying to get BSC to get safemoon. It’ll probably take a while. Mine returned in about 70 minutes and is now just pending again.

All I can say is that the system they’re running here isn’t too solid. Probably look elsewhere - that’s what I’ll be doing.

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I had the same issue but I dont see a transaction on either coin I dont see one in sending on BNB and I dont see one on recieving BSC


I have same problem cant see i have swap coins either way, and i beenm wating for 1 hour+ and got no money back

I’m having the same issue. And people keep saying to check the transaction id. But I’ve transferred a lot of bnb to the smart chain and never have I seen a txid from those transfers. I just went through my history and it doesn’t show them. So how can I track this missing transaction? How long until the coins show up again?

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The exact same thing has just happened to me! I converted bnb to smart chain and it’s just disappeared… no transaction showing at all!

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Thank you so much… I’m in tears, it wasn’t a small amount of coins. I’ve done this same swap with no issues many times before, so I was getting really worried. Thank you for the reassurance!

I tried 2 times and successfully then i checked nothing i have so the question is what about converting fee ?

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To everyone saying no transaction history is showing of the coin swap - same boat here. :confused: nothing.


I’m hoping it’s just a slow server because I keep getting 500 errors on here too… have to refresh the page a few times before it loads… anyone else having this issue?


Same issue , i tried another transaction after that worked but the other one just disappeared .

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I swapped BNB for BSC about amd both are empty now. Just dissappeared. Ive done this anout 10 times prior with no issues until now. Been waiting for 20min

Had the same issue happen to me, the only issue I had is after I converted it to BNB Smart change it reverted back to BNB, while they still took the fee away from me. This has happened twice to me now, how do I actually get in contact with someone in support??

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same here. I kinda panicked when it disappeared and I came here to find hundreds of ppl having the same issue. Not sure I can trust Trustwallet moving forward…

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I converted bnb to smart chain bnb and I can’t find my coin anymore, hope my coin is safe

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i swapped bnb to bnbsc and everything gone! how has this happened? i can’t seem to find any receipt of the transaction either. Im hoping it is a slow server,

please somebody help!

Having same issue. Went to swap BNB for Smart Chain and transaction is pending…

This was a swap done on the Trust Wallet…

WTH is going on…

Same issue. Been waiting for about an hour. Pretty shoddy app. Not very well put together.

Me too​:sob:, want :cry: T_T T_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_T

Newbie here - the txhash is pending it says. However worryingly the ‘To’ is blank!

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