BNB unstaking error: Not Available. your current lock time is 7 Days

I have the exact same issue.

This is what I just did and it shows: not available, as you can see on the picture

I clicked redelegate and same msg… not available

Did you guys before redelegate click unstake?

No. And even if you do, it shows the same error message: not available, because there are 0 BNB in the staking details as you can see in the second picture (circled in red)

Show me please your TW version?


I am very concerned…

It’s look like you are in trouble.

Oh gosh… what u mean trouble

I will get in touch with you, after a meeting with Binance guys!

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Thank you so much for all your efforts so far… I very much appreciate your help.

And yes! Also updated to the latest version 1.27.12 but the issues remain…

Wow thats alot my friend… I don’t like the fact that the word “trouble” is used . Cause for concern as the validator is not even listed anymore. Hope this gets resolved soon.

I have the same problem as well. Updated app, screens says I am staked but when I hit stake details it shows zero staked. I also staked with Alps.

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Looks like many ppl in the same boat. Hope this is resolved

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Perhaps we should contact Binance support? Maybe they will forcibly take our funds from the validator of the Alps?
This situation worries me more and more


Look at your right coner. Why Bnb cost more than 300$ So far is 266! Something wrong with your cell phone. Upgrade your Android version!!!

Did you upgrade Android?