Bought/Sent/Received BTC, balance/transaction is not reflecting properly

i’m in the same boat. Bought BTC and it says its processed on Moonpay but nothing has come into my Trust Wallet account.

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I have the same issue. I purchased btc through MoonPay. My transaction is showing as complete and has 2 confirmations on blockchain. I have checked 20 times that the address to receive BTC in my Trust Wallet app matches the address MoonPay sent it to. What can I do? It’s been hours.

Same issue here buying BTC.
Transaction with moonpay is completed, but still not see coin/transaction in my wallet

Transaction hash


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I’m having a similar problem.

I have transferred BTC from Binance to Trust Wallet. The transaction has been confirmed, yet my wallet still says 0 balance.

As you can see here, the BTC has been received in theory: bc1qjm6gaqztml7gsw7tcglr34c029etkh0xfdgdvq

Please help.

Many thanks


I transferred bitcoin to my wallet and it’s not showing up. Can someone please take a look into this for me?

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Same situation as everyone here. Sent BTC, shows confirmed and sent , but nothing in my trust wallet as of yet.

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Same I purchased BTC from moonpay transaction was completed and they also charged my card but I still have not received any BTC…

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Bought 400 worth of BTc yesterday from moonpay transaction is completed and they charged money from my card too… still I haven’t received any BTC SOMEBODY please help me…

Same issue. Bought BTC and ETH and neither appear in the wallet, however processed long time ago already.

Still waiting for my coins as well. Wtf this really does suck. Idk what to do.

Same issue as everyone else. Sent BTC from binance and have received it in my wallet yet?

Same issue. Bought BTC and hasn’t yet appeared in my wallet. I’ve tried switching between VPN, Mobile network & wifi. I see that a lot of other people have the same problem. Let’s hope it gets fixed soon.

I transferred BTC from coinbase which was confirmed but I didn’t receive in the wallet? Help please or credit the coins to the account. The address is correct.

Same issue as everybody here. Sent BTC to the wallet, checked blockchain and its confirmed, but still nothing on Trust Wallet.

Same issue as well sent BTC and BNB to wallet, both confirmed and not appearing wallet

Same issue here, transferred BTC from Coinbase 7 hours ago and it’s been confirmed on the blockchain but Trust Wallet shows nothing!

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Same issue here. Charged my card and no coins I don’t know what’s going on. Please send help ASAP

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Same man transferred bitcoins, everything confirmed, no coins :confused: I just have no idea what to do at this point and really wish I wouldn’t have even used this platform.


Got the exact same issue. Been 16 hours now VERY frustrating. Missed out on big gains already.

Sent bitcoin and it has been confirmed on the other end for some time and still empty wallet.