BSC NFT not visible in the wallet

I have recently purchased one NFT from Bakeryswap.

Transaction hash for purchase is 0xbb73eef8d90a8d3958a91259e0bf976eae35639ec6e78fbda28f38e7cea3c5a5

It shows under my Art on Bakery swap website in the dApp browser. However, the purchased BSC NFT doesn’t show in my Trust wallet. How to fix this?

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Hi @vipul19,

You can use the DApp browser and access this service: Buy NFTs,Crypto Collectibles,Binance NFT,KAKA NFT,and more on NFT Marketplace - Treasureland

Nope, it doesn’t show up on Treasurland Market, maybe because they have only configured limited projects/contracts NFT to ensure that only legit ones (verified by them) are sold on the market

However, this is visible under ‘My Art’ on Bakery Swap from where this was bought.

Ideally TrustWallet should show NFT tokens in the collectibles as it is in the wallet.


I see. You will have to wait for the Treasure Land Market to update it. In the meantime, you can post your suggestion to add BSC NFTs in the ideas section: Ideas - Trust Wallet