Display BSC NFT under Collectibles

I bought one NFT art from bakery swap and it is in my wallet but it doesn’t show up like ETH Nfts in the wallet collectibles.

Please add the option to view and send BSC NFT tokens. A functionality of filtering BSC ETH would be better to differentiate between different chains.

Reference: BSC NFT not visible in the wallet


Hi! Already at work, as i heard some chats was on it since October. Hope to see it soon. Thanks for throw that idea here too, its good topic for community, hope we will see support from other members and, maybe a little more info/opinions on this topic from team.
Any other points around this topic as user you can propose? Switch between networks and NFT list design ideas?
IMO, collectibles need a gallery view with slide switch between arts full screen view))
Any ideas on sorting, maybe? Do we need search window for them?
Hope that part of network switcher might look slightly different from dapps lists.


That’s quite a good suggestion hence newbies are coming new and plus it will add clarity to distinguish easily between BSC and eth network so as not to loss token by sending to another chain thinking it’s thesame.


This definitely, will be a good development. We pray it be looked into.