BTC Transaction received, but the amount was not added to the total amount

hi everyone, yesterday i made a btc transfer from binance to trust wallet, i received the confirmation of the transaction from both binace and trust wallet, the transaction is visible in the transaction log of trust wallet, but the transaction total is 0 .00707 btc was not added to my btc total balance, which still refers to the total I had before making the transaction, I also checked on, the transaction was received and indeed the total of my btc is updated with the correct value unlike on trust wallet, could it just be a visual display problem? I attach screen and pdf of transaction history from

Hello @ricky02
The Blockchain explorer is always correct and your incorrect balance is just a visual glitch which is mostly solved by just waiting or a reimport.
You can try the guide below if it works too


thanks a lot for the help, i’ll wait some time and at the end i’ll do a reimport, for reimport do you mean delete the app, reinstall it and import the wallet with my seed phrase ?


@ricky02 Yes, just ensure you have your seed phrase backed up before trying to reimport.


yea sure, the seed phrase is safe in the bank !!! :wink: :rofl:
thank you so much for your help!
have a nice day

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