BUSD Balance showing in Pancake Swap, but not in Trust Wallet

Hi, I bought Chihuahua (HUA) coin through Pancake Swap in DApps, added the coin to Trust Wallet (it showed up fine), then I exchanged around 50% of the HUA I had bought to BUSD in Pancake Swap in order to then send it to Binance so I could cash it out. The transaction was successful and my BUSD balance in Pancake swap shows as 31 BUSD, however my BUSD in Trust Wallet - some 4-hours later - still shows as zero. This means I can’t send the money to Binance.
The same is happening with some MicroPets (PETS) I swapped to BNB. Transaction successful, balance showing OK in Pancake Swap - yet zero balance in Trust Wallet.
I tried to send both to Binance - despite the balance showing zero in Trust Wallet 0 and got back insufficient funds.
Can you please tell me how I can get the balance to show correctly in Trust Wallet in order for me to send it to Binance.
I looked at other threads, and one suggested to swap the coins AGAIN to ETH, but every time I do a swap I lose money, so this is not an option. Plus, I don’t know that it would work anyway.
Bellow are screenshots and the transaction information you require for the HUA swap.

Transaction ID: 0xdb9af247cc12364ff4cab19a26383080e5c99f13d031633428d5a6741db86894

Your tokens are in your wallet on the BEP20 network.
You can check the explorer to see all your tokens held on your address

Anyone from Trust wallet gonna help?
I did the same as above, but with ETH (smart chain to ETH). Same issue…transaction a success, but showing ZERO in my wallet (but shoes my balance correctly in pancake swap).

That’s three transaction a success, showing in pancake swap but NOT in my wallet.

Seriously considering switching to a competitor.

Hope to get a solution soon!!


I Have similar issue but with all my coins ? My coins was dissapear and appear again

Saya juga dapat masalah yang sama. Swap token Mcontent ke BUSD. Transaksi sukses di pancake swap dan muncul saldo BUSD nya, tapi di beranda saldo tidak muncul.
Transaksinya cuma berketerangan “improved” Selama empat hari hingga sekarang belum masuk.
Mungkin ada bantuan dari komunitas ini. Terima kasih…

Hello @richrara
You must have made a swap to Binance pegged ETH (BEP20 ETH) which is on the smartchain network and hence you need to add it as a custom token
See guide below:

Thanks for your reply. I managed to solve it from a response to a more recent post that was having the same issue. I added the Binance-Peg USD from the top right (instead of BUSD) and the money showed up. Hope that’s of use to other novices like me.
Now having the same issue with a different coin however! Just bought some PulsePad (ERC20) which is again showing up the amount correctly on Pancake Swap, but when I’ve added the token to Trust Wallet (on the Ethereum network, it found it automatically when I added custom token) it’s again showing my balance as Zero.
Transaction was definitely successful as it’s showing in my Pancake Swap balance correctly and on BSCScan as a success. Just not in Trust Wallet:/ Any ideas please?

Hello @richrara
You need to add the token as a custom token on the Smartchain network and not Ethereum network.

That’s brilliant. Thanks very much, it worked! It’s not showing the value yet but presumably as that’s as they’re new coins?

I just made a swap to get the Pulsepad, used BEP20 ETH network, got the right token, and the right amount of Pulsepad tokens.
But! The logo is missing, and the amount in dollars doesn’t show. That amount is not added to the sum on the top neither. Any suggestions, please?

Please read this:

Please read this:

Hi Richrara, I encountered the same issue but with BitShiba - could you please walk me through the steps you followed?

Think when you add the token, you need to change the network from ethereum to smart chain. If it’s a new coin it should then show how much you have, but probably won’t give the price/percentage details. I have that issue at the moment with KokoSwap and PulsePad, I can see how many tokens I hold in my wallet, but not their value. So I just keep an eye on proce on coinmarketcap.