BUSD Swap failing - even after Reinstalling Trustwallet

Hey there,
at first I had the problem that the swap wouldn’t get approved. Now I reinstalled Trustwallet and the approval went through, at least on V2. If I try to swap BUSD into any coin then the transaction will fail and the GAS fees will still be taken.
Is there a way to increase the GAS fees - or is the problem somewhere else?

Also they are stuck at “pending” now. It just wont go.
Doesn’t matter what token Im swapping.

Hi, @Hybris95 this guide is for ETH but will work for your case too: How to Change the ETH Gas Fee

I tried upping the gas fee, but actually its still stuck at pending and if i click on “more details” it doesn’t show anything on BSCscan. Do you know how to fix it?