BUSD to ETH swap not working

On 22 November, I first attempted a swap of BUSD to ETH, which was confirmed for a transaction fee of 0.002231884385 ETH. The transaction ultimately failed, and it just took my fee. Unlike other services, the fee wouldn’t be taken from the value of the transaction itself, so I had to transfer ETH from my Ledger. Then, whenever I try the swap again, the fee is somewhere around 0.02 ETH, which is approximately the entire value of the BUSD I am trying to swap. I also don’t even have that much ETH in my wallet to cover it anyway.

Any idea why the ETH transfer fee would be so low from Ledger to Trust (0.0005519 ETH), then still relatively low for the first unsuccessful BUSD-ETH swap on Trust (0.002231884385 ETH), but now ridiculously high at around 0.02 ETH? I’ve tried multiple days/times since 22 November.


@lanceromancer Please read this:

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