CAKE Giveaway Distribution

Yes to TWT Allocation on PancakeSwap

The TWT Community was able to make a decision regarding PancakeSwap’s proposal which requested an allocation of 10,000,000 TWT. These tokens will be distributed to those who stake CAKE in the TWT pool of PancakeSwap.

Here are the specifics from the proposal:

“The TWT staking campaign would run for 2,000,000 BSC blocks from block 2142370 to 4142370 (approximately 70 days with a block time of 3 seconds), which means that there will be 5 TWT given out each block to users who are staking their CAKE in the TWT pool .”

As part of the proposal, the PancakeSwap chefs promised 500,000 CAKE to be distributed to Trust Wallet users:

PancakeSwap would also allocate 500k CAKE tokens that would be otherwise burned via the dev address to be airdropped to Trust Wallet users by a method decided at the Trust Wallet team’s discretion.”

The Trust Wallet team has decided to distribute all of the CAKE to TWT holders who participated by voting on the Community proposal. We have asked for the CAKE to be distributed to wallets whether they voted yes or no, as we want to reward everybody who shared their opinion, and not just those who voted for the allocation.

We want to encourage TWT holders to participate in future. Although, please note that there will never be a guaranteed reward for voting.

The CAKE distribution

The following table shows how the CAKE will be distributed, depending on how much TWT was staked for each vote. Anyone who voted with under 10 TWT will receive a flat amount of 10 CAKE. The rest of the cake has been split equally between four ranges of staked TWT.

Everyone who voted with between 10 and 100 TWT will receive 435.088028 CAKE; everyone who voted with between 101 and 1000 TWT will receive 574.6162791 CAKE; everyone who voted with between 1001 and 10000 TWT will receive 1235.425 CAKE; finally those who voted with more than 10001 TWT will receive 2287.824074 CAKE.

The PancakeSwap team will distribute the CAKE within the next 48 hours. Once again thank you to everyone who voted. One of our writers also published an article about Governance on DApp Journey this week. Please check it out.