[Discussion] TWT Allocation to PancakeSwap

Did you voted on this community proposal?
Well if you did, you will get a reward.
Read on:

What is your reaction to this?


I had trouble voting from within this app on this one, I know about eligibility and my tokens qualify, but when I clicked vote nothing happened, is there a way to check my wallet for votes Ive made, because I also tried to vote on the burn proposal

Same here I wasn’t able to vote page keep loading and loading so sad I miss the cake


I saw the post and thought yes free cake as today is my 40th birthday, then didn’t see my address in the list

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So sad because a late for join the vote


Is the list of those qualify out

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these a download link on the proposal that lists addresses that voted and their power


Were is the link… I cant see it

Seen… Thanks

I qualify :cake:


Just click on the pancake proposal… It wil show you how people voted and there wallet address Bellow

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Alright… Thanks for helping

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Congrats bud, use it wisely!

I haved 2000+ TWT (BEP2) at my wallet in the day of the snapshot. I Find out they need to be BEP20 on the day I voted. So, I convert them, but the system only recognize a few BEP20 TWT present on snapshot… voted Yes. Reckon is fair to receive my reward anyway, no?

Mine were bep20 well before the date, but when i tried to vote in app, it didnt work, now Ive missed out on 1235 cake, sad face

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Sure… I can use it to earn TWT… I miss the TWT community airdrop back then… I have not join at that time… I believe i can earn from it now

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I’m happy. I bought some pancake and now will be reawarded. Everyone should be happy as long as you voted your earning some #cake. Thanks @trustwallet

to anyone who couldn’t vote and still having troubles - vote through the dapp browser in trust wallet, it works flawlessly, but voting through regular pc browser is still very troublesome, keeps loading for me too

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Easy to do. Get to vote! I thought voting was done lol

sorry if i was a bit misleading - this voting is indeed done, but there are other proposal being voted on right now (like the one “alfablock as head of marketing”), i couldn’t and still can’t vote with the pc browser.
but dapp browser voting works instantly. sorry for being misleading in the other post.

Hi. How can I convert Tet bp2 to get bp20