Can I Restore a Deleted Wallet?

I was creating wallets for the first time, I have already sent $125usd to the first wallet created, when i went to check them I saw I had 8 wallets so I deleted the one number as an extra 7, which just so happened to have ETH in, but did not realise till it was too late and there was no warning to say otherwise, am i able retrieve it?

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Did you create a backup for this Wallet? If not, then there is no other way to restore it.
Please always make sure that you have a backup:


Hi yes thank goodness I did, pretty new to all this stuff, but I followed the trustwallet site and remembered I had written them down. Cheers for you help zachzwei…

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Lucky you wrote down your passphrase. If not, you would have lost your assets. Stay safe

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Yes it is possible. You require recovery phase that consist of 12 words.


It’s possible if you have recovery phrase… And save recovery phrase and don’t share with anyone

Your wallet exists on blockchain. It is not deletable.

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That is why se should always care about the recovery phrase … this is the Magic of blockchain

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Need your phrase to recover wallet

Yes, sure. You require 12 word recovery phrase to recover your wallet.

I recovered my wallet but I can’t see my balances what should I do Could you give me an advice please