Can you retrieve coins sent directly to a token contract?

Hey all, a little while back I was trying to transfer my SHIB (Bep-20) coin into the Binance-peg BSC-USD coin and I haven’t seen them sence. I messed up the first transaction and sent them back to myself and the second time i put the token contract in. When I put the contract in trust wallet, it comes up with a different label of TetherUSD and the funds don’t populate. I’ve probably gone over this transaction a thousand times and I don’t understand what’s going on. I’ve tried following the steps in other topics for retrieving funds sent to the wrong address but nothing still shows up so I’m probably not doing that right with the phrase. If I’ve some how transferred them DIRECTLY to the token contract, am I able to get them back? If I didn’t do that, what other steps are there to take in retrieving those? I’ll attach screen shots with transaction hash and TW screen so you can visually see. I understand if they’re a total loss and gone forever but I just would like to know so I can stop trying to fix it if they are lol. Thanks in advance!!


Hello @SkyDro2n1 blockchain transaction can’t be reversed or cancelled once confirmed. Unfortunately, nothing we can do from our side. You may consider it lost.

Is there any possible way that the coin is just hidden and I can’t see it in the wallet on my end?

@Debbie5511 I’ve never heard of having to “validate” your wallet just to get tokens to show and anyone who’s tried to give me a link to do so was a website asking for my secret phrase so no. I’ll never do that unless I’m mistaken and shown different. Can you confirm @Alan47?

@SkyDro2n1 it is possible on some cases, you have to add them as custom token to be displayed. Here’s a guide: How to Add a Custom Token

That was a scammer, I already banned him/her.