Cannot change the redelegation amount

How can you change the amount in redelegate??

Not all 21 validators are present in the list in TW, there are only 19.
How can you stake to one of the two that are missing in TW??

Thanks in advance for you answers.


Hello see the guide below:

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Thanks, I read that guide but, it doesn’t answer my questions!!
I still cannot change the amount in redelegate and 2 validators are still missing the list in TW!!

Hi @heinzi
Of course you can’t change the amount since you’re redelegating an already staked amount.

You said ‘of course’ but for me it’s not so obvious. The amount field is there but greyed out and not editable!
My case, I have 2 bnb staked with one validator and wan’t to redelegate only 1 bnb to another!

Can you answer also my second question?

Hi @heinzi
The missing validators are currently not active and hence they are unavailable.

I just saw as an alternative that it’s possible to unstake from 2 bnb only one! but asked why can’t i do it directly without this workaround

just look in the list on binance/staking and see that the missing ones are alive and kicking (active)

to unstake and stake again, which involves staying 7 days without rewards

Hard questions, nobody knows more, can I get a reasonable answer here!