Cannot find email registration of Trust Wallet

But couldn’t find answer :frowning:Don’t see clearly how to find my TTV-Compatible Ethereum wallet address :confused: Also when i registered to Trust Crypto Wallet & got it installed i can’t find my email linked to it. Understandable i guess cause never got to add it during the sign up process. Also from that app can’t find address that’s mentioned above ^^ :confused:This is confusing.

Kindly: Confused Customer

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Trust Wallet does not require any personal information.
Just download the app and create a wallet, that is it. Everything is here on our Basics section.
To get your ETH address, you can follow this guide:
Which is also on the Basics section of Help Center.


Big thanks for the clear assist :slight_smile: I got the process done.

Wish good new week for whole staff :slight_smile:

Kindly: Happy Customer

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