Cannot import ETH wallet using "import ETH wallet"


I have followed the steps here but I keep getting the error “Cannot import wallet ‘Invalid mnemonic phrase’ error”. I know the mnemonic phrase is right because when I use the exact same (using a QR) on a different wallet software, it imports the wallet without issues, it is only failing on Trust.

In case you are wondering, I am not using “multi-coin” wallet to do the import, I am using “ETH wallet”

What can I do?

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Hello @gugaiz,

From which wallet did you get your mnemonic phrase?

I created the wallet on metamask. As it was not working on Trust, I imported that wallet into imToken app and it is working without issues, only Trust failed to import the wallet.

Please follow this guide: Migrate from MetaMask to Trust Wallet

Hi, thanks for the link. I already did those steps before writing here, but it is not working

Have you tried entering your recovery phrase on (select ETH as the coin)? Is your recovery phrase recognized there?

No, but as I said it works on other wallets. Sorry, but I don’t trust putting my key on a website.

Understandable. Please check for spaces and try again. Make sure that you are using the latest version of the app as well (check the play/app stores for updates).