Can't see public keys for BNB and XRP

Hi all!
Hope i guessed the right place for the thread.
I’m a newbie on cryptocurrencies things.

I’m looking for XRP and BNB public keys but I can’t see those in my public key list.
There are only other coins I don’t have.
Is there any issue on this or I’m just blind? :smiley:

Thanks in advance

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Hey Daver,
if you want to add another wallet, and you are in the wallets overview - list,
just click the upper right (toggle) symbol, which looks like this:
and search for the wallet/coin/token name in the searchbar and add the wallet.

Here´s a good explaination how to add and remove wallets in TrustWallet:

Good luck and cheers =)

Hi Mista,
thanks for your fast reply.

I already have these two tokens in my wallet.
What I can’t see are the public keys under: Settings → Wallets → “My Wallet” → three dots menu → “Export Account Public Keys”.

I thought I could see my pub keys for these two tokens once I added it to my wallet, maybe I’m wrong.

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Oh, sorry i misunderstood :smile:
And sorry, it took a moment to reply, cause I had a client-call in the middle of my answer.

You are right, there´s just a bunch of different pubKeys and not all of the wallets you´re holding.
You may need another option, like a cli/dev-tool to derive the pubKey from your privKey.

Just an important reminder:
NEVER give your seeds or privKey to anyone else!

Okay, not sure how familiar you are with programming or consoles, but TrustWallet has a
WalletUtility, which probably can help you here:

Or maybe an admin can point you in the right direction.
Good luck, mate =)


I’m good with it.

That’s exactly what I need to know.
If anyone could explain a bit of the process or post a link I’d be grateful.

I’ve found this in help center that gives me the possibility to recover the address, but in the coin list I can’t find BNB.

For XRP it works good, I extracted only address in offline mode.

Hi @Daver, you can use Binance | Dex Trading | Decentralized Exchange | and select “Recovery Phrase.”

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Hi @iamdeadlyz,
thanks, you got it!
I deduce that each blockchain has his system to recover wallets (addresses, public and private keys) from a recovery phrase, am I correct?

Yup, that is correct.

If you tap on copy in a token screen you’ll see the wallet token address:


This avoid doing tricks with your own recovery phrase.
Hope should be useful for someone.

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