Can't send coins

I get this error on any transaction

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Please make sure to update your app first.
Get the links here:

If you still need assistance, can you provide us the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version
  2. Crypto address
  3. Transaction ID (if you have any)
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  1. Version 1.7.168 android
  2. 0x94394C7C6966720AE1e598eee061deeafa2C5F06
  3. I don’t have transaction ID, because can’t send coins.
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I checked your ETH address:

And there is indeed an ERC20 token on it, but no ETH.
You would need a bit of ETH to make transactions on the Ethereum Network.
Learn more here:


I sent Eth unit of o.o36 to an address, it was put on pending then after sometime it turned to error, I tried sending three times and the same thing happened, the funds is still in my wallet… How do I resolve this issue?

What version of the app do you have?
Please try to re-import your wallet.