Can't swap BNB for Smartchain

update I just swapped bnb for smartchain and it went through instantly

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I just tried to swap and it said insufficient fund. Don’t know if it’s and issue because the amount I have seems find to swap in other wallets I’ve used. How much do you actually need in order to swap?

Have those missing fees have been returned? Is swapping bnb to bnb smart chain can be done now? Back to normal or still have errors? Can someone let me know? Thanks

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[quote] Have those missing fees have been returned? Is swapping bnb to bnb smart chain can be done now? Back to normal or still have errors? Can someone let me know? Thanks

Have the issues been resolved?


Guys, i just swaped bnb to smartchain and is working, go asap do your homework

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Yes it worked today.
But still no word on our fees that have been taken.

12 hours later and I still have no BNB, no BNB smart chain and no recovered fees.

Hi Guys,

I’ve tried to swap BNB BEP2 to BEP20 smart chain today a value of 0.2 BNB, but it says insufficient BNB balance. It lists the network fee, but will not continue. Is there a minimum BNB needed that will swap to the smart chain BEP20 tokens?


I am interested about those “lost fees” as well. That $5 could buy a whole lot of cheap startup coin. :frowning: @trust

Good comeback. Read up on using Binance Smart Chain. There’s very good documentation. You are responsible for your crypto, not TrustWallet. I’m tired of people wrongly slagging this wallet. One idiot said he transferred USDT but it never showed up in the wallet. He showed the transactions…he sent it to BUSD. He lost the coins because of his own stupidity!

The email here is a fraud. I sent an email to them asking them if it would be possible to recover the fees from Trust Wallet or another service. Also, if they had another option for me to get Binance Smart Chain into my account. They sent me a link asking me to enter my private key and my seed phrases. That is a big no no. With that, they can drain your account. BEWARE!!!

Keeps taking my money still but no smart exchange what is wrong with this how come they have not sorted this problem out

I can’t swap bnb to smart chain telling me don’t have enough token to lock code 400 and I went for community help then they give different options of solving it,at times network and fees but was having 3500 on my smart chain and when I tried there 3 option to reuninstall and install back after doing that putting my recovery phrays I discovered my whole money is lost…pls help me thanks

same and i did it 2 times thinking it would help :sweat_smile: now i lost the fees 2 times and still no smartchain hope i can get it back

Same issue, lost two amount of fees, please refund the fees Trust Pilot

Trust wallet is completely silent about this major issue that has been going on for multiple hours and in the mean time everybody keeps paying the transaction fee but isn’t getting the transaction they requested. Trust Wallet is making big bucks on fake transactions. They better pay up and refund that shit.

Can’t believe a company like this dealing with billions of dollars does not have a help chat or a phone number ridiculous

I’ve been having this issue all morning. Lost transaction fees twice. Can we get some acknowledgement?

Hello everyone, I experienced the same issues as well. The error is on Binance Chain’s side. Read more here: Swap from BNB to BNB smartchain, but value is missing - #203 by iamdeadlyz

I’ll lock this so users can see the answer immediately.