Swap from BNB to BNB smartchain, but value is missing

What could really coz that and how to go about it, i have 3tnxs on pending and i need to smartchain so bad

This happend to me over an hour ago aswell, it also doesnt show that any transaction has been made. I’m still waiting for my BNB, hopefully it shows up again since it was worth a solid 300$

Just wanted to update this thread… successfully completed the swap from BNB to Smartchain!

Everything went back to normal. Thanks for listening and processing :heart:

Hello, I had the same problem 7 hours ago. I swapped BNB to Binance Smart Chain twice and the value left my BNB and didn’t appear in Smart Chain. I’m still waiting :frowning_face:


Iv come across multiple reports that the swaps are being laggy. some users had to wait 45 minutes for things to go through. some even received their original bnb back without it swapping.

Did your problem get solved after waiting a while? asking because i intend to swap some later today as well

I tried to swap from BNB to BSC …the swap was not successful but I lost my money in fees …I am afraid to try again …pl refund my fees …


Please someone help me, I have lost my swap from bnb to bnb smartchain. SHould I just wait ? I’ve been waiting for hour and a half already.

Please Help!!!

Same Trinh for me , money lost during internal swap, please help
Many thanks

Am having the same problem. How can I check the status of my swap? I swapped my BNB to smart chain. Lost my BNB but no Smart Chain received. Need help.

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I had the same issue, I swiped from BNB to BNB smartchain but I didn’t receive the amount that I swiped in BNB smartchain. I also can’t see the amount in BNB. The amount of BNB after I swiped from BNB to BNB smartchain is lost and I can’t find it anywhere.

Same problem, swapped BNB to Smart Chain. Normally it worked instantly, now I lost my BNB value and did nog get Smart Chain in return. Also no refund of BNB still, please Trust Wallet provide us with an answer or solution.

BNB to Smart Chain 1.35ish lost. A wallet with not transaction history, great. I mean, I do not know how I would ever get my BNB or smart chain since it is probably lost. I’m so upset I trusted this wallet.

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same issue, I’ve moved money from Binance to trust wallet, (BNB) to smartchain and now I’ve lost all my money. Please help.

@BeardedAngel How long did it take before you received your bnb back minus the transaction fee?

Hi, I actually did a really stupid thing and withdrew 0.03 smart chain bnb to binance. Now I cannot sell my safemoon and I cannot withdraw the bnb from binance as my bnb balance is less tha 0.1 BNB and I dont have the funds to get more. If someone could send me like 1$ to this smart chain bnb address 0xd14967ecD71552F5A56B30B2c96D0b4fD495f388 , I would be really grateful and I promise to give it back in the 24h, just reply to this with your smart chain bnb address

Iam swapping my BNB to smart chain but I didn’t receive it to smart chain but my BNB is gone. Please what’s wrong with this app, Is this app scam ?


I have same problem, i swapped since 30 min but my money has disappeared. I hope its just a bug and that my money is not lost…

Hi everyone, here is the reason for the delay.


I’ll lock this post so you can see my answer. I’ll update here if it’s normal already.

You can also ping them here (beware of impersonators):

//Update 04-22-2021
A member of the dev team tried to cross-chain swap TWT yesterday. First one was cancelled, and got BNB in return instead. The second one was delayed but eventually processed. Keep an eye out on your wallets.