Changing profile information

I need to change my phone number in the Trust app, but can’t find anywhere to do it. How do I change my personal information in the application?

I’m using Android Version 5.43


Hello @Grawolph62
Please note that Trust wallet is a decentralized wallet which means none of your personal information is needed before you can use the app.


I do understand that, but I also can’t figure out how to change my login information, which is a little concerning for me because I like to change my passwords periodically.


I dont remember I need phone number or passwrd for trust wallet. Maybe you are using a fake wallet app?

@Grawolph62 Trust wallet requires no login information.
You only need your seed phrase to access your wallet which is a 12 word phrase.
Please read these:

Need help changing my Date Of Birth can’t figure out how, same with my phone number. NEED HELP!!!

@Unspeakable-von Trust wallet is decentralized, hence none of your personal information will be requested when creating a wallet so what exactly are you talking about ?

I’m also trying to change my phone number when I got to buy. It’s saying that I need to verify a number sent via text but the phone number is incorrect and I can’t see anyway to change it….

@Smilies You do not need a phone number or email to use your Trust wallet