Coin not deposited to Trust Wallet

I transferred 200 Tether with Tron network from binance to Trust Wallet
I always did that
Although two hours have passed, but it is not in the wallet yet
I checked the blockchain
The hash has been created
And the transaction was successfully approved
What should I do ?



Help me

The blockchain shows the coins as deposited to that address, so as long as you have key access to that address there should be no problem, please double check you have enabled TRC20 USDT in your token tracker list

Yes, it has always been active
Hasn’t this problem occurred before?
Should I be afraid of Trust Wallet?

No I have used trustwallet with no issues for months, could just be a UI issue not showing a balance, but the blockchain shows funds there, the funds are never in the app, always in the blockchain, the app just lets us interact with it

I have been using it for a year without any problems
There is nothing I can do about it and speed it up

Same Issue. I transfered usdt and they are no where in wallet.Blockchain shows success.

Same issue.
My transaction for USDT in TRC20 is success bout i can’t see in my wallet.

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من هم همین مشکل رو دارم تتر بر بستر ترون رو از باینانس انتقال دادم الان 5 ساعت میشه ولی هنوز وارد تراست نشده


I have the same problem, transaction confirmed but not visible in wallet, usdt trc20 token enabled. What is going on?

i have same problem , 67945ed5335185b2526bfdc74276bc0d79a47da65442a699705f32aa946157dc
i bought some wink , please help !

درود، میگم مشکلت حل شد؟ منم همین مشکلو دارم اگه راه حلی پیدا کردی ب منم خبر بده بیزحمت.

درود، میگم منم همین مشکلو دارم، حل شد مشکل شما؟ اگه راه حلی پیدا کردی بمنم خبر بده بیزحمت

I have the same problem. I cannot see my transaction for USDT (trc20) from binance to trustwallet in the wallet despite the blockchain confirmation

Same problem here…
From binance to TW usdt via trc20


Txid:. 5ece96299ec4c80cd72529e33d9421b17f00a47a60d3c85a0378b1a4c643cc6d


I have the same problem ı send 2,437.283 USDT from Okex to Trust wallet on TRC20 and I did not recive it it’s been 15 hours and ı write herare before but, I didn’t recive any fedback. I don’t know what is going on Trust Wallet. I’m afraid of it. please help.


FROM: TM1zzNDZD2DPASbKcgdVoTYhfmYgtfwx9R
TO: TCXYHVuKRSwzn3KoMP6n31wCA6ed3rrmRx

Dear all,

I have same issue I transferred 27$ usdt trc20 from binance to my trust wallet and didn’t receive them here is my

My trust wallet usdt trc20 address

My binance trx

Same issue … pls help ; i really need help to see my wallet balance


Hi, my problem was solved. If your addresses are correct and there is no problem with the network, you can delete and reload the trustwallet application after saving the recovery words. I just do that and my transaction became visible in the wallet.

Hey i have bought a crypto with bnb and it has taken my bnb but has not givin me my crypto, please help