Coins Missing and Money Missing

I have bought over £200 worth of ECP coins. However my trust wallet is showing less. I have coins and money missing. Please help I’m not sure where they are or what’s happened.

It’s showing nothing on my trust wallet.

I also have latest version of the app.


Hello, make sure you have the coins you bought listed in the token. If you haven’t done this, click on the dots below your battery display(right upper side of the screen) search for the coins and add to your token list. Hope this helps


Hi there. I was supposed to recieve 90 coins of XRP but i only recieved 70 coins. I checked the transaction on XRP site and it is there as successful transaction. What should i do to get my remaining 20 coins.

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Hello, was this a single transaction? Paste your transaction hash so I can take a look.


Yes single transaction. The transaction Hash is: 649F58D894687F459F1AC10E197104060963D870A8CF26508C05FB12F3ACFC71

Hi, Thanks for replying. I’ve already done that. I bought over £200 worth of Eclipse Token and it’s showing £60. I don’t know where the rest of the money has gone. All transactions are Stated as Successful.

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Hi Andrew any update for me on the transaction hash. You can see the purchase was successful. How come only recieve 70 and not 90 XRP coins. Where are the rest of them.

thanks for your support.

Shero what’s your transaction Id? Alamk that’s a wrong hash address you sent.


Transaction Hash (TXID): [649F58D894687F459F1AC10E197104060963D870A8CF26508C05FB12F3ACFC71]

My wallet is not showing all my tokens. I am so confused with it. If my token shows up then BNS smart chain shows zero balance.
If smart chain shows the balance then some other token shows zero balance.

My moonmoon tokens are totally missing and cash too.

Any assistance is appreciated

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Hello, first make sure you have all your coins on the token list. Your coins might be in your wallet but you haven’t added it on the token list. Click on the dots below your battery life display(up right) search for the token and add it to the list and refresh to see your coins. Thanks


Yes. I did that on the same day. Funny part is all those cryptos are showing on my wallet but most of time it shows zero tokens and on refresh it shows 2 or 5 tokens and on refresh again it shows zero again.

Currently it’s showing zero for safemoon crypto where I had larger number of tokens. If it is showing zero tokens then smart chain is showing it balance. If safemoon shows balance then smart chain shows zero balance.

Starting from Monday my moonmoon tokens are not showing at all. If I continuously refresh it shows 4 tokens instead.

All coins are visible on my wallet. It’s only my tokens are magically disappearing.

Sometimes shows and sometimes do not. Starting Monday two of my coin tokens are not showing properly.

Any assistance is appreciated


I transferred AMB to my 0xe4A47d14eeB7774dcBCbA5b44D48912Dc43FA039 and i haven’t received it pls help me out

List the tokens that are missing, what vision is your trust wallet? Still trying to send photos though


5.23 version trust wallet
IOS 14.4 version

Below tokens are missing and wrong token info showing





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Hello, Support. It seems that
VET and TRX coins were withdrawn from my account without my knowledge. The beneficiary’s account was last active in 2018. Is it possible to get a log of the devices that have logged into my account besides my own? This is the VET transaction ID: 0x9c500460aa951be121b77212de95c44a4da75044fe622731c997e37e7c71326f
Nobody has access to my passcodes and I would like to know if there is anything I can do to recover my funds? I thought Trust Wallet was pretty much impenetrable?

Re-installed my wallet but no luck. So confused on what’s going on with my wallet.

Looks like I got caught up in the scam for the WSB token. I purchased $50 worth and never received the coins. What can I do to reverse this transaction?

Hi Clark001, below are my transaction ID’s.