Coins that can be swapped - list

I love the wallet yet I wish there was a list supplied by Trust that tells us all the coins that CAN BE swapped within the wallet and alongside a list of coins that cannot be swapped yet can be held.


Hello, sir. Blockchain industry is fast so this list will be a pain to update, some tokens come, and some go every now and then). The Trust wallet assets are fully show here - Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet | multi-coin wallet | Crypto Wallet | Trust Wallet
Then, as you may know if you got ETH wallet, then you can store ANY token than was developed on ETH blockchain, so there are add custom token button and couple of threads here, where you can find info on how to.
Then, if you research a little deeper, you find that Trust wallet isn’t a service that you use to SWAP or DEX. When you use SWAP - you use Kyber network swap service, so list is on them. When you use DEX - you use Binance.dex service, so list is there. And there are some swap protocols on Dapp page, they all (on today) are ETH network, but every swap protocol got they own list. Will be glad if this will help you understand, how it work in some perspective.


that’s good I wish more tokens will be sapped over time. The token swapped the sweeter the wallet

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Please refrain from posting the same question across several threads.


Yes thank you very much. I think what i was trying to express ( badly) is I wish there was a list of the coins i CAN buy and those which i CANNOT buy.

Yes thank you very much. I think what i was trying to express (badly) is I wish there was a list where it showed the coins that i can buy with ETH or BNB. I say this becasue I may find a coin that i can store on the wallet yet not be able to buy with ETH or BNB

Well, there are many of coins that you can buy and store at wallet, but can’t swap - even BTC, lol). If you buy original BTC, you can store it on Trust, but can’t swap or dex it))))))))). Sad, but truth, as some say on internet)
The idea of SWAP and DEX is to change tokens that is issued on ETH or BNB network. So you can hold XRP or XLM on wallet, but to trade on dex you must have XRP BEP2 token (XRP token issued on BNB blockchain). Pain, i know, but there are not so many cross-chain protocols at today (by a little thinking - none))(. Please, if got some free time, research more about basic blockchain terms and technology, to understand, how long was take to make a working layer chain on BTC original protocol.
So if you want to trade on dex - send your original assets to Binance and withdraw them on Trust wallet with BEP2 protocol.
Some tokens got issued on most of popular blockchains, like USDT it can be on BNB (bep2), ETH (ERC20), Omni, TRX (TRC10), BUT still you can SWAP them to other chain ONLY on exchange.
So some (most common) ETH issued token can be swapped on some ETH. BNB (bep2)-> BNB or other bep2. Dex - only BEP2.


Thanks Kikcha - yes i will be studying more in the future, I speak 4 languages yet speak little blockchain !


Hi, Please I did an Exchange of BNB/ETH on the DEX Exchange and didn’t get my ETH credited to my wallet. I just read from the massages trails of Exchanging coins from different Blockchain which cannot be done. Please how do I recover my token because the transaction was done yesterday.

Look for ETH BEP2. That is the result of your swap.
To confirm further, please share your BNB address so that we can check on the blockchain explorer.

Please how can I swap Hanacoin in my trust wallet to bnb.
Urgent answer please thank you

Hello @Akiragodfrey you have to do your own research to find out where your token is listed and exchange/swap them.

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