Community chat room

Trusted wallet community should create a chat room on this platform where everyone online can meet and exchange ideas instead of messaging


Cool idea… Hope In future will be


This, no doubt, is a great idea. But the platform is serving the purpose already


Just try telegram groups :slight_smile:


Не плохая задумка :+1:


Hmm…that will be very nice o


We’re already doing great this way :thinking::thinking: or what do you think???


Back door chat room will be much better, for fast, direct and easy messaging, like now I don’t if u are online or not I av to wait for ur reply when u are online. Chat room will be awesome


Great idea… But I think we already have that feature here…

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No puedo enviar mis btc alguien que me ayude por favor.error de transacción marca

Hope this will be created soon

Yeah :+1: that is a Good idea

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I think it’s okay great idea

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A post was merged into an existing topic: I used my 12 phrase to restore my wallet back and when i did that i couldn’t find any of my coin in it anymore

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Guys can anyone help me , ı did wrong tag send bnb to binance , ı dont know how to fiil the gaps


I have an Idea
1- why there is no PayPal payment method in the trust wallet, that allows people to buy through PayPal?
2- as you know, many Banks block dealing with Crypto on their Visa cards, which means the holders of these visas can not buy directly from their visas! why there is no system that allow these kinds of visas to pay for their Balance first in the wallet, then from balance can buy crypto?
you can add both methods to let wallet users to buy crypto?

I guess developers should work on it now to issue a new edition of trust wallet.


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Sounds like a good idea. Gotta keep the pressure on them. They still lack in customer service. Why the need for two separate sites? Definitely don’t keep up with all the new coins available on themarket.

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I really like this idea. From my experience, first banks allow me to buy crypto and then the next day i tried to purchase another crypto and then they block the bank which I buyed from . WTH, it’s my money then they don’t want me to my hard earned money.