Community participation in TwT driven development of new features

Hello, want to see some opinions on idea, that if you as a community part want some improvment you will like to drop a bit of twt to support development of that part/module of app.
I want to propose a team to make a module at community where users can find and crowdfund some improvments on wallet that is currently in work. Lets say team decide to list some coin, while dont have enough time to integrate staking or other feature. In order to make it team propose a technical task and wallet address that anyone can deposit to pay for development of thst feature. And anyone can try to code a needed module and propose it implementation. If it will be choosen to implement team will grant that crowdfunded twt to devs of module.
Or community want to list some coin on wallet, and willing to priorityse that particular listing by crowdfund work on it.
This will be a cool governance use case of twt, imo.


This is a very good suggestion and i think its worth looking into…The place of community collaboration in achieving project goal through croud funding cannot be over emphasized…its the way to go


Wow Quite Interesting:


You’re welcome to the Trust community please. Together we will make it.


Case closed, good work, team Trust
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