Convert Recovery phrase to Private key

Hi guys, I just find a way to convert our recovery phrase to individual private keys, at first I was hesitant of this passphrase, We all know that your keys your coins but this is not a key its a phrase but I found out that this phrase is equal to our private keys.
Just search iancoleman on google, better do it offline just download the page and turn off your internet for safety. Try in your own risk, Do your own research about it.

Remember to do this offline!


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A guide can be checked here:


It’s better to not compromise for even recovery phrase or private key. There’s a high chance you lose your wallet and funds too. Be cautious. Be safe. Be vigilant.


Yeah, this is for expert or advance users, always try in your own risk. This proves that we really control our keys on trust.


Can i convert private key to 12 word phase?
I’ve an old account on myether wallet but recently i was logging in & see they are changed login mathod they also release new feature which is mawconnect but i dont like there feature!
If i convert my private key to 12 word than ill connect in trust wallet :heart_eyes:
Tell me how can i convert myether private key to 12 word phrase?

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Thanks for the information. In my opinion, if anyone must try this, do it with a dummy account. This way, you have nothing at stake.
Thanks again for the information.

It is better to keep your 12 phrases safe by writing it out and keep in a safe place.

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I would rather lose a few funds in gas fees transferring every single funds/collectibles in my account than risk tryping my seed phrase in an online app to convert.

That is why I said do it offline, read carefully.

I have to use my browser right? What happens when I decide to go back online later? Are you 100% it didnt keep a cache of my private key generation? I trust moving funds using a decentralized app like Trust wallet from one wallet address to another, no shortcuts. If you we are talking of anything over $500 in crypto funds, just accept to spend a few cents and transfer the money.

Why should we convert when we can save offline and when we have already secured phrase… Be cautious and save safely with what you have… It might be risk to convert phrase to private keys… Be careful don’t do any silly things

I am not trying to encourage you to do it, it is for educational purposes, and as what I have said try in your own risk, if you dont feel safe just dont try it.
Cache can be clear easily in seconds.
There is a shortcut if you are knowlegeable enough but anyways we have our own perspective I respect yours.