Cost of Swapping too High

I tried doing swap. I discovered the cost of swapping is relatively high I suggests Trust wallet team look into it



You can swap from ERC20 <-> BEP2 at no costs on @brtaiwo


And the truth is Trust wallet doesn’t charge fees, fees are charged by miners to facilitate your transactions


Swapping is similar to market buys, it ignores the prices of the coins on the order books.
A high slippage will result to a more expensive trade.
Best to use Exchanges that has order books so that you can manually set the Buy/Sell orders.


Please help I have been double charged on a transaction and only received 1 lot of Nano I paid for.


Who double charged you? Was it a purchase of crypto?
Contact the provider directly:


Thanks so much I will

Yes, the transaction cost is still $ 1.5, when in other transactions it is only $ 0.09, it is a very exaggerated commission. please correct that unnecessary increase. Well, more than anything to pay for smart contracts.

You can see in the image that the price of the network fee is very high.

I don’t know if you could see the image, but I can send you a link where you can see the high price.

You might want to check performance of Ethereum Network as network fee depends on it:

Network is very dynamic, sometimes it’s 0.01$ and it could jump up to $10 or higher, this very depends on the market and how fast miners want to mine your transactions.

Great article to learn about network fees: Cryptocurrency Network Fees


I cut the network fee in half to one payment, and no confirmation has been received and it is already going to be 24 hours, so I have a pending order until the miners do not agree to confirm the gas I put on it.

Hello I had a major issue using the SWAP feature. I tried to swap 11,000 ($2,400) NEXO BEP tokens to BNB and then to TUSD. I had to make multiple attempts, and there were multiple error messages during each swap. Now I am left with $1346 dollars spread across NEXO, BNB and TUSD, I can’t find out if I’ve been charged the difference in fees, or if it’s just the delay in processing remaining. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

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What is your BNB address and Trust Wallet version?
Most likely you did a force SWAP which basically does the trade at current prices.
You ended up selling your NEXO at a lower price.


Thanks @zachzwei looks like this is the case, lesson learnt.

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Добрый день,у меня такая же проблема со своп обменял eth на usdt а после мне пришлось менять обратно на eth после чего было списано сборов с 1 usdt 2 раза по 0.03 eth 12.3 usdt ! Скажите вернуть обмен уже не как нельзя ?

Trust Wallet doesn’t charge you fees… It’s the Blockchain charging you


The cost of swapping almost cost me the half value of my token . Why
Please can anyone tell me what to do

Hi @Ayodele123,

The ETH network is quite congested right now. You can always adjust the fees, but your transactions might get delayed or canceled. The app does not get anything from the fees. All of it is paid to the miners.

Learn more here: Why is my ETH transaction fee so high?

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I did tried to swap mwe too and the cost is too Hight

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