Crypto Coin not showing in my wallet

Trust Wallet App version : 6.16(531)

My Public Address to Receive GALA: 0xd3c848d0AE49a1C59Bea5BAF60057151ceb6b3DF

You’ve successfully withdrawn 69.27000000 GALA to the address .
Your withdrawal address is 0xd3c848d0AE49a1C59Bea5BAF60057151ceb6b3DF,txid is 0x6282afbc155a652795c8dd338c4c012ff0b1bfb81b1ba68b9c3d61b72f8c7205

I have not received 69.27 GALA in my Trust Wallet. I sent it through Binance App around 12 hours ago.

Please help

Hello @Shahrock
Your tokens are in your wallet and you only need to add it manually as a custom token using these details
Network: Smartchain
Contract: 0x7ddee176f665cd201f93eede625770e2fd911990
Decimals: 18