Crypto in Limbo, sent ETH BEP20 to Coinbase. How can I access my Coinbase wallet via Trust Wallet?

I sent Etherium to my Coinbase wallet from Binance and realised that Coinbase doesn’t support this. So my Etherium lies in limbo in BscScan. I can see it with my eyes but I can’t have it in my possession. I downloaded Trust Wallet and imported my Etherium Coinbase address. I still can’t see any change, can someone help me out here. I’m at a loss.


Please contact an exchange office. You may be able to cancel the transfer. Of course, if it is not too late

Hi @bannerman,

You can only access your Coinbase wallet via Trust Wallet if you have the recovery phrase or private key. If you’re not using the non-custodial version of Coinbase, then, you need to contact their customer support about it.

I do have the recovery phrase, so how do I go about doing this. I’m new to all this tech and phrasing.

Get the recovery phrase > open the Trust Wallet app > settings > wallets > + button on the top right corner > i already have a wallet > Smart Chain > import the recovery phrase

P.S. Never share your recovery phrase with anyone else nor to admins/mods/support. No one will ask you to provide that information.

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Ok so this is now done. What do I do from here? It’s all very confusing for me. The address in the accounts are different from my Coinbase wallets :cry:

@iamdeadlyz I have now done as you said and i can see that my etherium is now called Binance-peg ETH. When i try to move it back to binance it tells me that this is a watch only wallet

I only have a Coinbase etherium wallet address and have never had a key phrase

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Your statements are now confusing. So it seems like the Coinbase wallet that you are using is a custodial one. Meaning, it does not provide you the recovery/mnemonic phrase at all. In that case, they have your cryptos in their wallet.

It is likely unrecoverable. Though you may want to try in contact their customer support.

That sounds right. Custodial. They are giving me off sending me back and fourth to each other. It’s really getting me down.

In my opinion, this problem will be solved only with the support of your source. Be sure to follow up and inform the result

Thanks. I will. Coinbase have said they are sending me a specialist to help me out so I’m just waiting for contact from them.

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This is great. It is very gratifying that we have received good news about your coins. Wishing you success👍

I just made this mistake as well, sending FEG token bep20 to coinbase. Is there any way i can recover these funds also stuck in limbo?

Depends if you sent it to a custodial wallet address or a non custodial. Do you know?

I also sent binance peg eth from trust wallet to coinbase I was trying to send from peg eth to regular eth on trust and accidentally sent it to my coinbase (rookie mistake) is there anything I can do? it just seems to be gone any help is appreciated
thanks in advance

If your Coinbase wallet is a non custodial wallet then you should be ok. I sent mine to my Coinbase com trading wallet.:tired_face:

Guys think happened to me I sent ETH from my trustwallet to my coinbase and I see the transfer was successful and the addresses match but there is no money there. I’m so confused and upset by this

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I just did the exact same thing! Did this get resolved for you? What’s the deal?

I did same thing. Anyone got any solution? i sent binance peg ethereum from trust wallet to coinbase account.