Crypto token Wolfinu 45711 is missing

Hi there
I have sent 45711 Wolfinu token from AZBIT to the Wolf listed on Trust Wallet. But it is missing. The address is


I am sending Transaction id for your reference


I request you to kindly take the matter seriously and get the Token back either in Azbit or in the Trust Wallet.


Hello your Wolfy INU token is in your wallet, you need to add it as a custom token

Use this
Contract address: 0x27d764c831da22aaf1d9e8ec5bfc7a7ce2f2ce03
Decimals: 6

Thanks! for your help. It is still not showing although I added the contract address as suggested by you with correct decimal. Will it take some time to get appeared?

Hi @Sreesh4u
When adding the token, did you set the network to SmartChain (BSC) ?

You see, I am very new to use this wallet, not finding the right way to see my Crypto currency.

Yes, I did it on BSC, But I am surprised to see that it is still missing and not reaching or showing in my Trust Wallet account.
I will be highly grateful if you could help me.
Thanks again!

Hi @Sreesh4u
Unless you have added the token wrong, you should see it in your wallet
Here is also your token showing on your balance in the explorer

Hi Mr. Jenny Millan,
With due respect, I would like to tell you that I added the contract address mentioned by you with correct decimal and it is not working, means, My coins are not showing in the wallet. I also tried some of the other contract addresses that were of Wolf inu but none of them were working as to bring the coins seen wallet.
Now tell me what to do?

Hi @Sreesh4u
Follow the guide below again

  1. Click the upper right corner

  2. Add as custom token

  3. Switch network to Smartchain

  4. Paste the contract address for Wolf Inu

Thanks a lot…!
Excellent Support, I got my tokens in the Trust Wallet.