Custom derivation path?

Hello together

I have sent several coins to a wrong address. More precisely, I sent PulsePad (PLSPAD), EvergrowCoin (EGC), BUSD and Good Games Guild (GGG) to the trust wallet address of ZUKI Moba coins.

Zuki moba is a coin on the Binance SmartChain. All coins sent by me are also on the SmartChain except EGC (ETH).

Now my idea is to recover the coins using this guide ( How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address ). In it the so called “Custom derivation path” of the zuki Moba Coin is needed as far as I understand it correctly. Is that correct? Or is there the custom derivation path of the Binance SmartChain meant?

Thanks a lot for the help.
Can otherwise provide more information of the BSCan if necessary.

Hello, if that is a contract address you sent to, then unfortunately your fund are gone

Thanks for the reply.

I actually bit confused if I check bscscan.

If I check bscscan its written:
From [0x3cb013788e15ccf924739e53807fa0a8b8ee7614
To [Zuki Moba: ZUKI Token, 0x8a74bc8c372bc7f0e9ca3f6ac0df51be15aec47a]

Looks like I’ve sent to a contract address right?

Ps.: Why im not able to include pictures?

Hi @Octa
Your tokens were sent to this address
Do you recognise that transaction?


No I dont recognize it. Is in an Contract Address? Seems to be some Zuki Moba Address?

The mistake I did concerns the last 4 transaction. In my Opinion all were send to 0xe81257d932280ae440b17afc5f07c8a110d2143?
The one address you mentioned I see only in an splitted transaction concerning only some cents? Whats this?

Thanks for your help!