Didn’t received my Bitcoin

@Saf27 Since you sent from an external app to your Trust app, i’m not sure where you can find it on that app.
But in your Trust app, when you tap on your transactions, then “More Details”, you’re taken to the explorer where you can see your Transaction hash.

Hi, im not sure my messages are sending? Can you confirm if they are as i cant see them on the chat

Hi tobi,

Yes I’ve found it. So my details are:

App version:



@Saf27 You received the BTC already

But the amount didnt even reach my wallet address. It took about 2 days for the transaction to go through. I was told there was an update happening on the 11th this month. But i didnt receive the money. I sent it from my own revolut acct

@Saf27 If you click the link i sent above, you’d see it’s in your wallet already.
You can follow the troubleshoot guide below if they’re still not visible

Yes I restarted and cleared the cashe.

Its still not showing. Why is it not showing?

Also, i have a similar issue with one of my other trust wallets were my balance completely vanished…why would that happen?

@Saf27 Can you provide a screenshot?

What do.you need a screenshot of? Im having a lot of issues with trust wallet.

@Saf27 Screenshot showing your BTC balance

Yeah ive attached it to this message.

@Saf27 Your BTC isn’t missing.
Check the explorer again, your balance is the same as the explorer.

What do you mean tobi? When ive made payments before the balance reflects the same. And if i need to make a payment im only give £19

@Saf27 You said your BTC is missing, but it is not.
The amount on the explorer is same as the amount in your wallet balance.

Check properly.

Do you mean the £20? Yes, i know that is showing on there because i made another purchase to see if it was working.

I made a transaction of £450. Is says total spent? Does that mean that money has now left my wallet? Because i did not spend that!

Which is why im confused. On the 11th i made a payment of £450 from my own revolut account to my trust wallet. But the balance remained £0.

So where has that £450 gone??

@Saf27 That was sent out here

Do you recognize it?

Are my messages reaching you? Theyve been pending for ages…

Can you let me know if i will get that money back?

I do not recognise that address. I did not send anytning to that address.
So how is tb
His possible?

Hello someone sent some bitcoin to me but it doesn’t reflect on my wallet


Please who is going to assist me with my issue please I need help,I should have received bitcoin since but it’s not reflecting