Didn't receive coins

Hi, I bought Big Eyes coin, i paid gas fee and claimed coins but I didn’t receive them in my wallet. Help is very much appreciated, thank you


Hello @Skelin What is Big Eyes coin ??? on which blockchain this token is ?

maybe you could try this ;

New token, it’s on eth network

Wallet address:


Transaction hash:


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This is not in your wallet you can check :


It’s there


If I understand correctly my tokens went to someone else’s wallet? Can I get them back?

No you can’t get it back , you literally send it to the wallet . everything is in the blockchain you can check .

How is this possible? I didn’t sent coins to anyone because I never received them. I claimed tokens from Big eyes coin site after presale. I paid gas fee and that’s all. Was I scammed?

I don’t know to be honest . Your wallet your crypto . Trust Can’t control what you do with your Wallet.

I understand that trust can’t control what I do, but I didn’t send anything else but paid gas fee. So there is nothing I can do? I just don’t understand how this happened

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