Didn't receive USDT sent from Binance

I have sent 5 USDT from binance to my Trust wallet but have not received it although the transaction was successful kindly plz anyone help me

My Transaction id is - 08fab0fc69bf32c8e1e31d564c5b6fe15ce461d2a9bf6ba2ebd6b31e01e46f18


same as with my BNB too…


I am facing the same issue. The binance transaction show completed but there is no balance in my trust wallet.

I’m having a similar issue, I am trying to buy safemoon, and when i connect my trust wallet through wallet conncect its showing zero bnb, which i already converted to smart chain. I was told by someone to put my pass phrase into wallet connect and it would fix the issue. I put it in, and now my trust wallet is showing 0, and when I go to pancake swap, and use wallet connect its still showing 0. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

i cannot post the screenshot

so here is the info

  1. version (5.19)5194
  2. Transaction id


  1. wallet address


I had a similar issue, I sent a coin from Binance to my Trust wallet, everything worked and i even got the notification from my Trust wallet saying it had been received but it was not showing in my balance. Anyway after a bit of searching on here i saw that sometimes you have to re-import your wallet, I re-imported my wallet and the currency appeared! :grinning: you should try it, there are steps on here on how to do it. (make sure you back up your wallet first and you have your recovery phrase saved)

Me too, im waiting for 24 hours but its still not showing, its very bad

I have the same issue. I sent 15 USDT (ERC20) from Stormgain to my wallet. It appears as a “Received” transaction but it doesn’t show any funds.
I updated the app via the Google Play Store, and I even restore my wallet and still no funds showed.
Can anyone help me please? It is the only transaction I have made, a couple hours ago…

Unfortunately, I can’t create a new post. I can only reply to questions.
Does anyone know how I can solve the problem?

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Apparently it solved itself, at least today the funds appeared in my wallet

HELLO CAN ANYONE HELP ME ? I sent £70 from Binance to Wallet and receiver only £43 in Trust wallet . So how to retrieve the rest pls ???

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Similar issue but with BNB, bought it and haven’t received it… guess it’s the waiting game

Same, from binance side it says completed, but its not appearing here.

same here happening to me USDT TRC20 from BitMart to my address 5ba27625a75611ed0ff7a37f43836da4fe861fb20fe599989e99e173a814aefd but nothing is coming and also i can’t find my address when check in internet TRJa9t4SS9nuaLinmbawKvjgmGXjrUyLSq this is the address in my Trust Wallet for USDTTRC20 but usually looks like not exist after check can you helping pls

I sent TRC20 USDT from binance to trust wallet but have not received it on trust wallet after confirmation from Binance. It’s been hours now, yet I have not received it. Here’s my transaction details

Hi does anyone know how to contact support? Telegram was no good

I am having the same issue can some one please help


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is the problem solved i have the same problem butt whit me the adress changed i did not do that .