[Discussion] Trust Wallet supports NEAR Protocol

See the official announcement here:

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What benefits do I get by holding NEAR tokens?


There are 3NEAR protocol on trust wallet the coin and the other 2 which should I add it’s on only that has the symbol N others don’t have a symbol so please which of them do I add cause I just downloaded the latest version of trustwallet


Choose the one that says COIN.


It’s a general-purpose platform that allows developers to create and deploy decentralized applications on top of it. A decent analogy is that it’s sort of like Amazon’s AWS platform, which is where most of the applications you know and love host their servers, except the NEAR platform isn’t actually run and controlled by one company, it’s run and controlled by thousands or even millions of people. You can call it a “community-operated cloud” but we usually prefer to simply call it a “decentralized application platform.”

This no doubt is amazing and huge. I really don’t know how NEAR would solve “sharding” problems in blockchain technology. Would appreciate an enlightenment…


What else do I need to do after adding the coin

it says if you see invalid binance, reimport your wallet?? Do I have to reimport my wallet


Is it good to buy this coin…


Have you already sent tokens to the wallet?
If not, then no need to re-import.
It will still be 0 balance if you have not sent anything to it.


@zachzwei what else do I have to do after adding the coin? In other to earn NEAR COIN

You do not earn this token by adding it.
You have to buy it from exchanges.


This is a good development! I believe this Token has good prospects. At least, for Trust Wallet to support it, means they have seen the potentials.

Trust Wallet has a knack for identifying good Tokens at the early stage.


Dear all, how to send Near from trust to other address? Choice are 3 networks Near, Bep2, Bep20. All 3 networks not found. I wrote teust support and you blocked me. Could you help me?

It depends on what NEAR token you have.
If you are sending the native NEAR token, then chose the NEAR network option.
BEP2 is for Binance Chain, address starts with “bnb” and requires a Memo.
BEP20 is Smart Chain, address starts with “0x”.

Hi, I sent Nir currency from Bainance for Waltm Trust wallet, but it did not come to Walt Trust for me, what should I do?

Please follow this guide to try and fix the issue: My Crypto is Missing, What Should I Do?