Do not work with Defi websides?!

I wanted to give a try and use TrustWallet in some DeFi sites and I have the following issue
I initiate a transaction in a DeFi website but I don’t receive the pop up on the Trust Wallet to approve the transaction, is this a know issue? Sometimes I keep trying and at some point I receive the popup message to approve it, is there anything I can do?

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Hi @Jirrr,

Did you use the DApp browser? Or you connected via WalletConnect?

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WalletConnect…it is not in DApp browser…

I see. Please give us the link of the DApp that you tried to transact with.

…I tested Pancake and autofarm, etc…I want to connect using walletconnect to PC…I can connect(received approve connection),I can see also my asset in wallet but that is all… I don’t receive the pop up on the Trust Wallet to approve the transaction etc(Metamask works OK)…I noticed that many poeple has similar problem…by the way Pancake works OK using trought DApp browser in Trustwallet…also I can not logout from Pancake on PC…thanks a lot…/v 1.26.5/

Please send me the Trust Wallet app version (open the app, go to the settings of the app and press “About”, take a screenshot, and attach it here)

I have already given You version …v 1.26.5

We need a screenshot for documentation.

Will inform the dev team about this now. Thank you for your patience!

Thanks…will wait…

Update: Please use the DApp browser instead of WalletConnect. There are times where the DApp does not work correctly with WalletConnect.

if I use Dapp browser I can connect but I can not see balances…If i use Walletconnect on PC I can see Ballances but can not do transactions…(tested with autofarm…Pancake works in DApp/not PC/ but can not logout)…

Please share screenshots of the DApp including the missing balance and/or video recording of the issue (you can upload it via Google drive then share the viewing link here).

…what helps me for now…I had to swap neworks/BSC to ETH and back/ a few times when open in Dapp browser,then balances was OK…thanks for now…I will do more testing…

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Hello, I am experiencing the same problem. I can connect via walletconnect to either autofarm/ however i do not get the pop-up approval sign when i get back to the app so staking never commences. The version i see it is 5.14(5143). Can you please advice how to remedy this??

Hi @girinkov,

Did you use a mobile browser (ex: Safari)? Or you used a desktop pc/laptop?

Yes, i use safari indeed

Please enable the DApp browser by following this guide:

Then, use it instead of Safari.

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