Dogecoin transaction pending

I’ve been sending my Dogecoin to Binance since 2021-05-03 15:19, transaction’s still pending.

Any advice, please?

My address:

My recipients address:

My transaction id:

Please help, thanks

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Hi, @Manshsn the transaction is pending due to low transaction fee, please update your app to the latest version as it has accurate doge transaction fee calculation. Please be informed that you cannot cancel nor speed up the transaction using the app. You have to wait for the Dogecoin miners to confirm your transaction. It may take a lot of time if your network fee is low. If it is still pending for a long time, the network will automatically drop and cancel your tx.

Thanks buddy,

My trust wallet version is 5.22 (5224) in IOS, i think it is update.

So, waiting is the last solution? Yes?

Yes @Manshsn you have to wait until dropped and send again with current suggested fee.

I am having exact same problem, I also have version 5.22. Is this correct and how do I update?

We have to wait till it’s dropped, I’ve been waiting seven hours!! And I’m losing money

Alan how long is a long time to them drop the transfer, I’ve been waiting 7 hours?

I have same problem, last time it took over 24hrs until transaction dropped. Now tried it with Bitpanda Wallet, same problem! How to check if proper fees are applied?

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I have been same problem I deposited almost 4 months ago but still don’t receive my coin please help me out sir

Thank you my friend
How much is current suggestion fee?

And how can i change this gas fee?

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I have a problem with dogecoin transaction… it goes from pending to error state repeatedly, so my dogecoin in the wallet…please help

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I am having this exact same issue as well. I’ve sent it to multiple outside wallets, and cannot convert it to anything within trust, but was told I had to transfer it back out to Binance who charged an arm and a leg just to transfer it to begin with; my original post was closed before it was fully satisfied (Search my name to find my original post titled “Dogecoin DOGE mistake…”).

After this experience if trust is going to allow us to transfer something in, which literally took maybe 20 minutes for me, you guys too I’m guessing, and then not allow us to transfer it back out, then you are essentially stealing from all of us. This doesn’t bode well with me and as soon as I can get my crypto out I will NEVER use trust wallet again.


Hello, do you have smart chain(BNB) to complete a transaction the fee will be taken from the smart chain(BNB).

Note: smart chain(BNB) is not same as the usual BNB but they are same token.

So make sure you also have smart chain(BNB) and try the transaction again. Thanks

Ok, so can you please explain a little more Clark? I’m looking all over for smart chain BNB vs BNB and everything and not finding it. I’m still fairly new to all of this so thank you for trying to help.

I really wish I can send some screenshots for better understanding. Once you open your trust wallet app, by the left top corner is a bell sign and the right top corner we have two lines with dots(u will definitely see it) click on it search for smart chain, add/on, it will automatically appear on your listed token.

Mine has been pending for 12hrs. other transfers worked well but not doge to binate. I can’t increase the gas or cancel the transaction because I have no nouce or what ever its called. This is so frustrating as its doing well and mine is stuck. I hope it will get cancelled automatically and funds put back into my trust wallet

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I have been waiting for 24h now, and I just read that it could go for more than a week… Really unacceptable


Where have you read this? Please send a link, this is just unacceptable

I’m having the same issue for the third time now. A couple days ago I had to exchange on Simpleswap but now their liquidity provider removed it temporarily. I also realized there’s 3 different doge wallets. Mine doesn’t say BEP2 and I wonder if that’s the issue why it won’t transfer to Binance. I also have the updated version and don’t know how to increase my fees.

I can’t even find the nounce. Anyone know where in trust wallet to find it?