DTA coin not visible in my trust wallet

I withdrew my DTA coin from Huobi Global into my Trust wallet a day ago. It has not appear / visible in my wallet.
My TX id: 0x8D35f65fd5282f43f0336ae75224b1cbd7f3D623
DTA key from TW is 0xc9a8266a6081428F9E5BC4bCe906A5D75d6b685C





Hi @topango,

DTA (KIP-7) is not supported in the app.

To recover it:
You can get your private key (follow this guide: How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address).

After getting the private key (first row in the list), import it to their official wallet: https://wallet.klaytn.com/

Hi iamdeadlyz, I really appreciate what you doing. My question are:

  1. Is it my own personal private key from Trust wallet? the 12 words i copied personally when i opened trust wallet?
  2. or do i have to generate private key from 12 words from Mnemonic?


Copy the recovery phrase from the Trust Wallet app and enter it in the “BIP39 Mnemonic” part. Select ETH in the coin part, then scroll down to the list of derived addresses.

Get the private key of the first one in the row then import it to the stated Klaytn wallet earlier.

what key do i put in here? my private key or klaytn wallet key

The private key in the first row of the derived addresses that you got from the iancoleman tool.

ok what will i put in

Why are you in that dashboard? Are you trying to transfer your DTA tokens?

I’m not trying to transfer DTA just want to recover my coin, where will i put the private key please help me.
I’m sorry where will i put the private key please

Is this not the official wallet im meant to be my friend? ok please where am i meant to click here please?

Simply click view account info > enter the private key that was derived.

Upon arriving at the dashboard, you can add the DTA token by pressing the plus button in the bottom right corner.

Enter the following:
Token Symbol - DTA
Token Contract Address - 0x8177ac20455f31d8cb777923f0c632436568c719
Decimals - 18

You can then see your DTA balance after doing that.

iamdeadly you are the best… All done and i give you 5Star… I know i did troubled you so much yesterday just didn’t want to loose my coins. Thank you once again.

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iamdeadly, what wallet would you suggest i can move it to so i can see as my investment rises just like i would see on Trust wallet?

I have exactly the same problem.
Where can I get Token contract address?

Did you buy DTA? if yes, use the same token contact. i think its generic

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Be informed that you cannot move it to the Trust Wallet app, as the app does not support Klaytn network. You can keep it there on the wallet. Glad you can already see it :+1:

@mohravan Please read my previous responses in this thread so you can recover it.

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hi iamdeady, i want to take this DTA coin back to Huobi global, how can you help me do that please?

Check first if Huobi global accepts DTA KIP-7. If they support it, use the Klaytn wallet, then send it to their deposit address. If they don’t, then you cannot send it to them. Please do your due diligence.

Thank you for your response always. I have tried to send to Huobi global but its not activating the send token button. I have entered
Address To and Address From however its not activating the “send Transaction Button”
what is it that I’m doing wrongly?

You need a sufficient amount of KLAY in your wallet to cover the network fees.