Early adopter/json file

I was an early adopter it appears. I joined in March 2018, and received a json file, NOT a recovery phrase. Is there anyone on this forum that can corrborate this to be the case?


In the early days Trust Wallet was using Keystore JSON backup process, take a look at this guide How to Import a Wallet via Keystore File

If you plan to use Bitcoin or other coins, I suggest that you create a new wallet that support multiple network, not just Ethereum.


Hi yes! Hello Vikmeup! -

I have found some posts on this from a couple years ago that you helped with?

Now my question is when I go to put it in a new device with the password from my original device (same 6 digit number) it doesn’t work. Is it the original 6 digit passcode that I should be using?

When i am in the original device, I can still access my account. But it will not let me export key. when I put number in it says NO ACCOUNT. if I put an incorrect number in (on purpose) it gives me the option to put in 4 more times. So clearly the right password has a different response to the wrong password. All of this would not be a problem except it is showing the wrong amount of ETH in my account, but when i check with Etherscan it is there, my address and the amount.


Pin code is not used in encryption process for Keystore JSON.
When you created a wallet you were asked to enter password, try to remember which password you have used to encrypt your backup file.


the password- could it be anything, a password that I would have created? or was it suggested (created) by Trustwallet? did it have to be numerical or letters? thanks so much

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Just confirming it was a password from me or a trust wallet created password?

any other people that were early adopters confirm this?

thank you

This is your own nominated password. The app will not give you a recommended one.