eCash users asking for native integration on Trust Wallet


My name is Kousha and I am the community manager of eCash. Over the last few years, we have received many requests from Trust Wallet users asking if eCash is supported on your platform.

Although there is an eCash bep-20 token issued by Binance, we would like our users to use the native coin on the eCash Blockchain.

We know there is a way to vote for asset integration, but we are an open-source project and cannot afford to buy one million dollars worth of TWT to make a proposal; at least not at this point.

But, I’ve read about that there is the option to request coin integration support here, so I would like to do so and also explain a little bit about eCash:

eCash is developed by the Bitcoin ABC team and is a Bitcoin-fork, making it quite easy for any platform to implement, by simply reusing Bitcoin code with slightly different endpoints. Bitcoin ABC is the team that created the Bitcoin Cash fork and now continues the development of their project as eCash XEC, so there is some notability to our project.

Since November of last year, we have completed our first Avalanche Consensus milestone (not related to AVAX), which was implemented from scratch and works in tandem with the core Nakamoto Protocol. With this Avalanche Consensus, we achieve the foundation for massive scale, easy extensibility and upgradability, and top security. We also have fees of less than a cent, which Bitcoin ABC has maintained since its inception in 2017 and will continue to guarantee.

You can see a practical proof of eCash’s high security by looking at all the exchanges, including Binance, that support 1-confirmation eCash deposits. But it gets even better; with the second milestone of our Avalanche integration, we will actually implement near-instant finalization (within 3 seconds).

This means that even in a multicoin wallet like Trust Wallet, transactions could be credited securely in less than 3 seconds.

Lastly, we have a relatively big and enthusiastic community and we get a lot of request by many of our users who would prefer to put their native eCash right into their Trust Wallet.

To summarize:

  • Integration of eCash is easy,
  • The features and basic fundamentals such as security, throughput, sub-cent fees are solid
  • The tech is very innovative with a lot of potential for the future
  • And our user base would love to have native support for eCash on Trust Wallet

Therefore the eCash community would like to ask you to consider supporting eCash in your wallet. Or maybe some of the TWT holders who hold enough can create a proposal?
We would be very thankful! :pray:

if you want to learn more, visit the following sites:

Avalanche Overview:
Community Index:

Thank you very much for considering and best regards,

eCash Community Manager


Hello Kousha,

Thank you for reaching out to the Trust Wallet community regarding eCash support on our lovely platform. While I am not part of the Trust Wallet team, I can tell you that as a user of TWTStake, I am also interested in seeing more projects integrated into the wallet.

It’s great to hear about eCash’s unique features and innovative technology, as well as its enthusiastic community. I can understand the challenges your open-source project faces when it comes to funding a proposal for asset integration.

I hope that the Trust Wallet team will consider your request and look into supporting eCash in the future. In the meantime, I encourage you to continue building your project and spreading awareness about its potential. Thank you for sharing more information about eCash, and I wish you all the best.

Best regards,



Best wallet with Best Cryptocurrency which is#XEC #eCash
Please list real XEC NOT Fake XEC


I had some eCash on Trust Wallet but it was bep-20 pegged token & it consumed more fees to transfer than the native coin & furthermore the price was not visible, this is dampening my experience on Trust Wallet as eCash is has the highest allocation in my portfolio I would be happy if Trust Wallet supports XEC.


I’m a trust wallet user but missing xec there it makes harder for me to use trust wallet because i will have to use another wallet for xec, it would be great if i have all my coins in trust wallet! I like xec for low fees and 1 block finalization!

Would like to add that there are some fake xec tokens that some scammers are airdroping!


Hello koush :pray:
it’s a wonderful feeling to see this post as I remember alot of eCash holders requesting for eCash in trust wallet including me having similar request for some time as I have been using trust wallet to store my Crypto .

I join you in the request to add eCash (XEC) to trust wallet as it being one of popular requests from eCash holders .

As you have stated there is already an wrapped XEC token from BEP-20 is available in trust wallet is there and there have been recently fake (Scam) airdrops of fake XEC tokens done from bad practicing elements of crypto space which is very much worrying as people may losse (or may have already lost ) their hard earned money .

By have native eCash (XEC) supported on trust wallet would eliminate those fake (Scam) airdrops on Bep-20 and would help the regular users of trust wallet including me in storing my multiple investment Crypto in one wallet .

eagerly waiting to see eCash (XEC) on trust wallet :pray:
Thank you and regards


First I want to say thanks, I am using trust wallet from 2020 and I have nice experience. I only have one request if they add native token of eCash ( $XEC ) it will be great and I will get a chance to bring my eCash from exchange to my trust wallet.


Hi Koush! :wave:

Thanks for requesting eCash (XEC) integration on Trust Wallet. Indeed, Trust Wallet is a great multi-chain wallet and eCash is the best fork of Bitcoin with a great history, lots of technical achievements, and a professional roadmap. It would be a great integration for both Trust Wallet and eCash!

The eCash community has been asking for this integration to happen for more than 2 years. As a Trust Wallet user, I really hope that the Trust Wallet team, community, and TWT token holders will support the open-source eCash project and make this integration happen. :blush:

Hoping for the best! Trust Wallet :handshake: eCash


I’ve always wondered why Ecash $XEC is not integrated on TrustWallet. I’ve used TW over the years and i wish to see my favourite eCash integrated soon. $XEC eCash is the greatest thing that has happened in crypto. Soon the masses would know. $XEC is BITCOIN but better!


Technically it will be easy to integrate #xec on trustwallet because #bitcoin and #bch is already there. :globe_with_meridians::globe_with_meridians:


Yow niceee!
Me and my friends would be really happy if trust wallet integrates the native XEC coin. I hope the trust wallet team consider this.
This can also help spot the native coin from those fake airdrops I’ve seen.


Hello Kousha, im an trust wallet user for a long time, and i have a eCash ($XEC) too, i love both of them, and i want to see my eCash coin on trust wallet even there’s a wrapped eCash (BEP20) but i want my real coin (native eCash) on my trust wallet.


I hold many crypto using Trust wallet, it would better if Trust wallet added native XEC…

XEC native holder is very much, I’m sure it would be good for trust wallet too.


let’s gooooooo trustwallet :heart_eyes:

let’s build together with eCash XEC

eCash for everyone.
eCash XEC
eCash: built by tech talent
eCash is a cryptocurrency with a solid roadmap to become sound global money. It revolves around quality network features and rewarding the tech talent that build them


:wave: trust wallet and eKoush. I’m a trust wallet user and i would really love if this happens. If I’m not wrong there was a fake token who used the name of eCash and looted many. This would solve this issue forever if you add XEC official to trust wallet. Btw eCash is the best Blockchain project out there with lot of special features combined of initial vision of Bitcoin and Avalanche protocol of eCash is just amazing. 5 Million Transaction Per Second. :heart:.


For your information, we were already in contact with Trust Wallet for integration and did all the necessary groundwork as you can see here:


We have a team of devs ready to help out the Trust Wallet team with the eCash integration.

unfortunately I still can’t include links in my post, I hope this format is ok

Thanks for consideration


I love eCash(XEC) because eCash is 1-block finality,most secure blockchain and no more 51% attack.


Hi! Would be great if native $XEC was actually added. For a long time I have been looking for a wallet where I could keep all my cryptos, but there is no such wallet, but i see there is a chance.
I am happy with TrustWallet, and if eCash was added, I would be delighted :slight_smile:


I have been using a trust wallet for a very long time and would love to have my xec coins stored in my trust wallet on the eCash network! it will be very cool if you do the integration!! Thank you!!


I’m using Trust wallet for safe self custody of my coins and for staking. It would be nice to hold my #Xec, too.